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Q: How hard is it to install Spool Speed bearings?

A: It's actually quite easy! Most end cap bearings are held in by small retainer clip removed with a small flat screwdriver. Spool Shaft bearings are generally held in by a small spool pin. Most are easily removed with channel locks, pin pliers or pin pulling tools. Use care as not to gouge or bend the pin. The pins are always removed by pushing on the thin tapered end, outward. Reverse procedure for re-installation.

Q: How do I know what size my reel takes?

A: Most bait casting reels use a 3x10 x4 bearing on the end caps. Most spool shaft bearings are 5x11x4. Not all reels have a spool shaft bearing. You can easily check by removing the spool and inspecting. Our 3-Pack will fit 90% of all bait casting reels. Most Shimano's will utilize two 3x10x4 bearings. Most Daiwa reels are a combination of the above and some Daiwa such as the Tatula will require a 3x8x4. A bit of internet research will provide you with all the sizing info you need. Note: Spool Speed has much knowledge about sizing and we have literature on hand providing fitment. However, due to frequent product and model year changes, Spool Speed Bearings cannot be responsible for shipping when replacing wrongly ordered sizing. Though infrequent, sometimes even the sizing literature is incorrect. Spool speed is always eager to correct and exchange any wrong size bearing but WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING EXCHANGES. We are an extremely friendly and accommodating company. We will even ask you to send pictures of your bearing on hard to fit applications. We are always eager to help. One thing we have learned: Every bearing company on the internet who lists bearing sizes, always contain incorrect information in some applications. We like to get it right and we are always available to call or text your sizing questions. * (803) 513-0731* Clear pictures prove to be most helpful in unusual or older reels.

Q: Will Spool Speed Bearings cause or promote backlash due to increased spool speeds?

A: Actually, it's quite the opposite! Initial spool start up inertia is lower with lightweight ceramic bearings allowing spool to start faster and with less effort! You will not tire as easily and your casting distance can improve with less effort. Individual results will vary. Your experience with a bait caster, your brake settings and spool shaft end cap tension are all factors. Once you learn to operate your bait casting reel with less backlash controls, you'll get increased distance and less effort from Spool Speed Bearings.

Q: Do I use lubricant or oil Spool Speed Bearings?

A: We do not use oil unless you need either less noise or you wish to perform our performance secret listed on the Spool Speed Ceramic lube product page. Read it! It's awesome! It's worth the time! You want to know why our videos on Instagram spin longer than yours? We Hope you read this!

Q: Do I use the seals provided?

A: We do not. If you use them, just push them on sandwiched between your fingers with color side out (remove with a needle). The choice is yours. Maybe in a saltwater environment, but not in fresh! Enough said! Your choice.

Q: My reel makes a weird noise or is louder after installing Spool Speed Bearings, What's wrong?

A: Usually Nothing! Install the bearings, line up your reel and go make some casts. The spool tension adjuster will generally put enough side tension on the bearing to stop any retainer noise which is inherent with ALL ceramic bearings. We like the slightly noisier sound, it reminds us we have performance in our hands! Just like an aftermarket exhaust is noisier on a car or truck or motorcycle, so is a high performing ceramic bearing in your hi-performing reel. There is no oil , grease or cover to absorb the sound. You get to hear all of it! You hear all the performance! Ceramic is similar to glass, it's non-porous. It makes more noise. You will find that all noises lessen over time and Spool Speed Ceramic Bearings are less noisy than competitors due to our polished inner race surfaces. Spool Speed lubricant usually quietens to factory levels is you must have a quiet bearing that still performs.

Q: How long do Spool Speed Bearings last?

A: With reasonable care, Spool Speed Bearings will last the life of your Hi-Performance reel.

Q: Do you make Spool Speed Bearings for the drive shaft and pinion support?

A: While there is really no distance gained in casting, some of these drive bearings and pinion support bearings once replaced with our ceramics, make the reel smoother with more precision.We have many sizes to fit your application.

Q: Does Spool Speed have an exchange program if my order doesn't fit my reel?

A: Yes! We'll swap it, you pay shipping.

Q. What if my package gets lost in the USPS mail system?

A. While this is a rare occurrence, things do get lost in the mail. Spool Speed Bearings cannot be responsible for your package after it leaves our hands. We do not charge you for shipping insurance initially when ordering. Spool Speed will go the extra mile for the extremely rare occurrence for a lost package and do everything we can to try and locate your shipment through tracking and if your package is proven to be lost and undelivered after 14 days, we will re-ship your order for 50% cost of the original order.

Q. When I call Spool Speed for a recommendation on sizing for a particular reel, is Spool Speed responsible for knowing exactly what kit or sizes I need? 
A. Absolutely, positively not! While we may offer sizing suggestions, reels change almost daily depending on factory situations. There is no way Spool Speed can be responsible for all the changes being made in this industry. We will, however, swap out sizing at the customers shipping expense.,Again, Spool Speed Bearings will never be responsible for shipping expense when exchanging bearing size. 

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